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Educational Ideals and Three Policies

Educational Ideals
The Faculty of Liberal Arts at CGU seeks to foster individuals with social and moral integrity and citizens who can see themselves as part of the local community and society, politics and economy, and who can participate in and work for society, through the study of liberal arts necessary for surviving in the contemporary world.
Diploma Policy
The Faculty of Liberal Arts at CGU awards diplomas to the following students.
  1. Those who have acquired broad knowledge and “social and moral integrity” through an in-depth understanding of the human cultures worldwide which form the foundation of modern society.
  2. Those who recognize the role of the citizen in society, have the problem-solving ability needed when participating in and working for society, and also have abilities as a generalist.
  3. Those who have a deep understanding of contemporary society and its historical and ideological background and have the ability to work in cooperation with others in order to improve our society as it responds to the rapidly changing times.
Curriculum Policy
  1. We offer a curriculum consisting of two categories, “Modern Society and Human Cultures” and “Different Cultures and Communication”, and four subjects, to foster broad knowledge and “social and moral integrity”
  2. We perform practical problem-solving education in seminars to foster students’ identity as a citizen and provide the readiness to cope with difficulties.
  3. We foster, through professional education, the ability to get actively involved in the local community, to observe modern society from a global point of view, and to communicate and cooperate with others.
Admission Policy
The Faculty of Liberal Arts at CGU sets a goal of education which cultivates citizens who have “social and moral integrity” and are ready to explore themselves as an independent individual and participate in, and work for, society.
In accordance with this admission policy we seek students who have the following motivation and abilities.
  1. Those who understand CGU's founding philosophy of “social and moral integrity”
  2. Those who have the motivation to gain the broad knowledge necessary as a citizen in any field of work, and the willingness to acquire further life-enriching knowledge throughout their lives.
  3. Those who are interested in what is happening inside and outside of Japan and in the current topics reported by the media.


We seek to foster generalists with the wisdom and power to survive in contemporary society and those who are needed by the business world and society. In carrying out our education, we regard not only the university, but also society itself, as our campus.


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