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Graduate School of Commerce

Educational Ideals and Three Policies
Aiming at cultivating social and moral integrity and fostering competent members of society with practical skills and creative minds through intensive small-class instruction.
Diploma Policy
The Graduate School of Commerce at CGU offers the opportunity to acquire advanced specialist knowledge in management and accounting, and intellectual training.
The school will award degrees to students who have passed the screening and completed the courses as below in accordance with its philosophy and objectives.

1. The presented master’s thesis will be examined according to the achievement criteria for master’s degrees listed below.
(1) The theme of the thesis has been selected properly.
(2) The title of the thesis expresses its content appropriately.
(3) Previous or related research was read carefully and extensively and understood properly.
(4) The cited literature and references are properly listed and the thesis format is appropriate.

2. Those who have acquired the designated credits and passed the examination will be deemed capable of any of the following abilities and awarded a master’s degree in commerce.
(1) Specialist knowledge and ability required for international business or international business research.
(2) Specialist knowledge and ability required for the management of a business.
(3) Specialist knowledge and ability required by accounting specialists with a focus on tax accounting.
Curriculum Policy
The Graduate School of Commerce at CGU organizes its curriculum as below in accordance with its philosophy and objectives.
  1. For Management and Accounting courses, a systematic curriculum is developed for the respective area of study so that students can acquire the advanced knowledge and skills needed to conduct research.
  2. An open mid-term reporting session is held which related instructors can join. This is to foster the ability to express oneself and increase the capacity for absorbing diverse opinions so that students can complete their Master’s thesis at a higher level. Supervisors confirm the progress made in writing capability, point out problems from various points of view, and provide guidance and advice.
  3. The teaching assistant (TA) system offers opportunities for educational training as student leaders in order to acquire high level skills as academics, specialists or leaders.
Admission Policy
The Graduate School of Commerce at CGU, in accordance with its philosophy and objectives, accepts Japanese and international students who have one of the following objectives and the necessary talent, wish to acquire highly sophisticated methodology and specialist knowledge, and have the power to utilize them.
  1. Those who try to be actively involved in the international business world or in international business research, those who try to be in charge of corporate management in a firm or be the successor in a business, and those who aim to be accounting specialists with a focus on tax accounting.  
  2. Those who are aiming to contribute to the economic aspects of building up a prosperous local community and those who are trying to train themselves in management and accounting by utilizing the various business experiences they have gained as members of society.
  3. Those who understand the basics of management and accounting, have set a research theme based on a clear awareness of specific problems, and have a concrete and practical research plan.
  4. Those who push forward steadily with research that is based on a research plan and have the strong willpower and ability to complete their Master’s thesis as a result.
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