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History of the Chuo Gakuin University Educational Institution

Meiji 33
Establishment of Nihonbashi Elementary Commercial Night School
Nihonbashi Elementary Commercial Night School was established at Nihonbashi (current Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo) by Mr. Junjiro Takakusu and others.  In 1889 (Meiji 22), "The Constitution of the Empire of Japan" was issued wherein the national policy of "increasing wealth and military power" was stressed.
高楠 順次郎
Founder of Chuo Gakuin University, Junjiro Takakusu
Meiji 35
Opening of Chuo Commercial School
The "Chuo Commercial School" opened in Kyobashi (current Arakawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) as a senior commercial school and an updated version of the Nihonbashi Elementary Commercial School. The Chuo Commercial School name was selected at Mr. Takakusu’s suggestion.  Mr.Takakusu, after returning from Europe, had the words “center” and "central" always in mind, and expressed his wish of pursuing something that would be "at the center of society, culture, and education” by incorporating the word “chuo” into the name of the school.
The first school's "three-story building"
Showa 23
The Commercial School was abolished and Chuo High School(Commercial Course and General Course) was established
The old-system junior high school and commercial school were abolished, a new-system "Chuo High School” with a Commercial and General course was established in accordance with the new school system, and Chuo Gakuin evolved into a 6-year junior high school to high school education facility under the new system.
Showa 26
Establishment of Incorporated School of Chuo Gakuin
The Chuo Gakuin Educational Institution was approved by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the establishment of the "Private School Act" (established in November, 1949)
The Chuo Commercial Junior College was established.
Official authorization to establish a junior college was granted by the Ministry of Education. (Subjects: Commercial 1 course, co-educational night school).
Showa 30
Establishment of Chuo Commercial High School
A student in the commercial course of the high school won the Tokyo High School Invitational Abacus Calculation Tournament championship with full marks. This event, sponsored by the Tokyo Regional Postal Savings office, was ranked at the highest level. At that time, the ability to calculate with an abacus was a kind of barometer to gage the effectiveness of commercial education. Winning the championship with a perfect score at the highest level of competition was such a remarkable accomplishment that it greatly enhanced the Chuo Gakuin name and also helped prove the high quality of the education that had been implemented. In order to further improve the quality of commercial education, the commercial faculty of the high school became independent and was renamed "Chuo Commercial High School".
Showa 41
Faculty of Commerce in Chuo Gakuin University established
In this era, when the Japanese economy had accomplished miraculous development following the national policy of high level economic growth and when ethics and morality as well as social order were changing, a new university plan was established with a philosophy of cultivating both social and moral integrity and backed by a plan for industry-university cooperation, and "Chuo Gakuin University" was born as a college with a Department of Commerce and a Faculty of Commerce in Abiko-machi (current Abiko City) in Chiba Prefecture.
元内閣総理大臣大平 正芳
The first Chief Director, post Prime Minister Mr. Masayoshi Ohira addressing attendees at the university's opening ceremony
The memorable first entrance ceremony
Showa 43
Sister-school agreement concluded with Tamkang University, Taiwan
Showa 51
Sister-school agreement concluded with Memphis State University (USA)
Showa 60
Establishment of the Faculty of Law in Chuo Gakuin University
Taking the opportunity of the 80th anniversary of the University's founding, a preparatory commission was set up to add an additional department. The new department that was decided on was the Faculty of Law. The purpose of the Faculty was defined as the cultivation of local public officials in response to the importance of local societies in current Japan. Two courses, a Judiciary course and an Administration course, were established and the history of the Department of Law's Faculty of Law had begun.
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reporting the additional Establishment of the Department of Law (September 6, 1983)
Heisei 11
Exchange Agreement signed with Daegu University (Republic of Korea)
Heisei 14
Chuo Gakuin University's 100th Anniversary celebrated
As one of the 100th anniversary memorial projects, construction of the Chuo Gakuin 100th Anniversary Memorial Building, with 8 stories of classrooms and offices above ground, proceeded and was completed in February 2004, further enriching the learning environment. The overall floor area is about 11,000 square meters and the building is proud of its advanced security system as well as its information system environment.
Chuo Gakuin University 100th Anniversary Memorial Building (Main Building)
Heisei 16
Establishment of the Graduate School of Commerce in the Chuo Gakuin University Graduate School
As one of the memorial projects for the 40th anniversary of the university's founding as well as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chuo Gakuin Educational Institution, the Graduate School of Commerce (Master’s course) was established.
21st century society has been changing from the era when priority was given to the profit coming from mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal, to the new era where business ethics and the social responsibility of industries are urged. From now on, in order to study and do research in commerce, it has become imperative to include an understanding of corporate governance and compliance and the adherence to ethics and law. For this reason, this Graduate School is dedicated to cultivating business persons with professional knowledge in accounting and management and the general high levels of business expertise that will be needed in order to accommodate these changes in our social environment.
The Graduate School of Commerce Master's course opens
Heisei 20
Exchange Agreement signed with Kyonggi University (Republic of Korea)
Heisei 21
Exchange Agreement signed with Changchun Institute of Technology (China)
Heisei 29
Establishment of the Chuo Gakuin University Faculty of Liberal Arts
As one of the memorial projects of the 50th Anniversary of the University's founding, the Faculty of Liberal Arts opened.
Reiwa 2
Exchange Agreement signed with Northern Arizona University (USA)
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