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The library is proud of its collection which currently stands at approximately 300,000 volumes. There is, of course, a reading room, as well as an audio-visual room where DVDs can be enjoyed. The library is one of Abiko City's libraries so all citizens can make use of the facility, which is fully equipped with a PC-based book and document search system.


Study Rooms

The study rooms are equipped with PCs for individual use, and can be used freely for study purposes.



There is a 3-story gymnasium suitable for various ball games and martial arts. The gym has a training room, shower room and dressing room.



There is a ground right behind the campus that can be used for soccer, and tennis courts are also available.


Tsukushino Multi-Purpose Ground

Within the campus there are extensive facilities for such sports activities as baseball, golf practice, and soccer.


Tennis Courts

There are 3 OmniCourt tennis courts available, all fully equipped with lighting.


Communication Lounge

This is a facility where you can study with your friends. It's a popular spot among the students because they can spend their time meaningfully here.


Tea Ceremony Room

The tea ceremony room is a modern architecture facility where the tea ceremony can be performed while viewing the courtyard.


Parking Lot

There is a huge parking lot with a 700-car capacity for students who drive to school in their own private cars.


Mock Court Classroom

This court classroom was modeled after the Tokyo District Court and is used for lessons where students role play judges, jury members, or prosecutors, and conduct mock trials.


Seminar House

This is a multi-purpose facility located in the south part of the Boso Peninsula equipped with sports facilities such as a gymnasium and tennis courts. It is used to accommodate club, circle, and seminar members, as well as for friends travelling together.


  • The campus has its own Wi-Fi environment.
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