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Number of Students


 Total Number of Enrolled StudentsCapacityRatioGraduates in 2017
 (Degrees Awarded)
1st Year2nd3rd4thTotal
Faculty of Commerce38666375572906031244159315601.02281
    Faculty of Law27257270412863725434125111201.12232
Faculty of Liberal Arts9120218----1402000.7-
Total 298428801.04513
The Faculty of Liberal Arts was established in April, 2017.

Graduate School

 Total Number of Enrolled StudentsCapacityRatioGraduates in 2017
(Degrees Awarded)
1st Year2ndTotal
Graduate School of Commerce426214200.76
Total 14200.76
*The entire number of enrolled students is as of May 1st, 2018 (based on the 2018 School Basic Survey by Ministry of Education , Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
*The number of graduates (degrees awarded) is as of March 31, 2018.
*The ratio is calculated as the number of the entire enrollment divided by the capacity

Number of Teachers

Number of Full-time Teachers

 Less than 30 yrs old30~3940~4950~59Over 60Total
Graduate SchoolProfessors00002(0)2(0)
Associate Professors000000
Faculty of CommerceProfessors0007(1)13(1)20(2)
Associate Professors04(0)5(0)4(1)1(0)14(1)
Faculty of LawProfessors002(0)7(3)8(0)17(3)
Associate Professors05(2)2(0)1(1)08(3)
Faculty of Liberal ArtsProfessors00007(1)7(1)
Associate Professors004(0)1(1)05(1)
Assistant Professors01(0)2(1)003(1)
* The numbers in brackets indicate the number of female teachers

Number of Part-time Teachers

Graduate SchoolFaculty of CommerceFaculty of LawFaculty of Liberal ArtsTotal

Ratio of Full-time Teachers and Part-time Teachers

 Full-time teachers (number)  Ratio (%)Part-time teachers (number)Ratio(%)
Graduate School240.00%360.00%
Faculty of Commerce3638.30%5861.70%
Faculty of Law2635.14%4864.86%
Faculty of Liberal Arts1770.83%729.17%

Number of Students Per Teacher

 Number of studentsNumber of TeachersNumber of students per teacher
Graduate School1452.80
Faculty of Commerce1,5939416.95
Faculty of Law1,2517416.91
Faculty of Liberal Arts140245.83
*All above data are as of May 1, 2018

Number of Foreign Students by Country

China175Vietnam3Republic of Korea6Mongolia3
Taiwan2Saudi Arabia1Nepal1Sri Lanka2

Number of Graduates Entering Employment

For graduates of the 2017 school year
Number of graduates519 (incl. 6 people who graduated from the Graduate School)
Number entering employment431 (incl. 38 people who work in Public Service)
Graduates going on to higher education22
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