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International Exchange Center

Staff with experience studying abroad are always available to give counsel to international students and offer support to those students who wish to go abroad to study or receive short-term language training. There is extensive interaction with international students studying at the university, with international exchange being encouraged through a wide range of on-campus events. Please feel free to join us anytime.

Types of Support Provided

  • Support for international students on campus
  • Counseling and materials related to studying abroad
  • International student exchange program
  • Interaction with foreign universities
  • Events for interacting with international students on campus
  • Activities for getting to know the local community (AIRA, Abiko International Relations Association)
  • Other types of support related to international exchanges

Risk Management System

The international student exchange program and the short-stay language training programs in foreign countries have produced worthwhile results. However we must keep in mind the fact that we may face various risks while abroad. At the previous briefing in the Center we instructed those who want to become exchange students or take a short-term language training course overseas, to do as follows.
  1. Submit notification of plans for a temporary home country visit or overseas travel.
  2. Consult the Overseas Travel Safety guide (issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  3. Take out overseas travel insurance.
  4. Register with the Overseas Travel Registration (TabiReji) service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. Report to the International Exchange Center on your activities while abroad
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