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Features of the Study Abroad and International Exchange Programs

Going beyond Japan to make the world our campus.
Nowadays, it is essential to maintain a global perspective and understand and care about foreign cultures.
Our overseas networks provide opportunities to play an active role in today's increasingly globalizing society, and our staff offers you their whole-hearted support.

International Exchange Programs

You study Chinese or Korean at a local university for one year, during which you live in a dormitory. Dormitory life allows you to interact with students from various countries and develop a more global viewpoint. You are given an initial language test to determine your current ability so that you can study in a class that is appropriate for your particular level and don't have to worry even if you are not confident about your language ability. Besides language, you can take regular classes in the local university. The credits you obtain for these classes will be reviewed, and up to 30 credits can be accredited to your CGU academic record.

Study Abroad

This is a for-credit course that prepares you for studying abroad through courses related to the culture of the country where you will be studying, information about overseas travel, and seminars conducted by native English speakers to help you improve your English ability.
The universities that we send our students to vary depending on the year, and include the University of Memphis in the USA, one of our sister schools, and the University of Waikato in New Zealand to which we dispatch students for training seminars.
Dispatched students stay with a host family or live in a dormitory while taking a language training course for 2 or 3 weeks during the summer vacation.


Training seminar in the US


Training seminar in New Zealand

Exchange programs with other universities

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