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Message from the President

中央学院大学学長 市川 仁

Fostering proactive, self-motivated learning
to create individuals capable of resolving issues on their own
President, ICHIKAWA Hitoshi
Chuo Gakuin University
Founded in 1956 as the Chuo Gakuin College of Commerce, our approach to education is based on the "cultivation of fairness in society and an ethical sense," aiming to realize the ideals of Dr. TAKAKUSU Junjiro:

Lead your life with sincerity and integrity
Treat others with a warm heart
Remember service and gratitude
Maintain a modest mien
Reflect on your life and work to improve yourself

Since its founding, Chuo Gakuin University has added the Faculties of Law and Modern Liberal Arts, in addition to its Faculty of Commerce.

CGU is now a university of some 3,000 students, and under its more recent motto of "STAND BY YOU" all faculty and staff members strive to support each student in developing his or her abilities and potential through our personalized academic advisor system, something only possible at an institution of this size.

Our educational mission is to ensure that as students face various challenges, they are able to meet new challenges through the knowledge they have acquired and their understanding of contemporary society.

Campus life also provides students with many opportunities to play active roles as student staff members in hosting a variety of university-wide events, such as Orientation for Freshmen, Open Campus, and the school Christmas Party. Along with their classroom work, these activities allow them to form close relationships with other students as well as university staff, making their four years as CGU students both enjoyable and meaningful ones.
Profile of the President
*Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1952. Graduated in English and American Literature from the Department of Literature, Komazawa University
*Completed the Doctoral program in the Humanities at Komazawa University Graduate School with a major in English Literature.
*In 1994, joined the teaching staff of the Faculty of Law at Chuo Gakuin University as an associate professor. Later became a full professor and then President of the university from July 1st, 2018.
*His specialty is English literature and currently teaches Comprehensive English I , II classes.
*He has co-authored many books,including  "A Tour Through English Literature", "A Tour Through English Literature II", "The Story of Pubs in London", "London, Capital of Mystery", "British Cathedrals:An Historical Tour" (all the above from Maruzen), "Scotland's Literature: Its Evolution and Essence" (Kaibunsha), "Censorship and Prohibition as Seen in British and American Literature"(Sairyusha).
*Co-translator of "The Shakespeare Lectures of Northrop Frye", "Shakespeare's World of Comedy"(Sanshusha), "The Complete Poems of D. H. Lawrence" (Full Edition) (Sairyusha), etc.
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