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Educational Ideals
Chuo Gakuin University’s goal is not simply the transmission of knowledge. We strive for comprehensive, people-centered character development, aiming to cultivate social and moral integrity and foster competent members of society with practical skills and creative minds through intensive small-class instruction. In these rapidly changing times, it is essential that society, and indeed CGU itself, transform themselves accordingly. Given these circumstances, we have created an educational program that has been developed to respond specifically to the needs of these highly diversified times, founded on our core educational philosophy with its universal themes. The fundamental basis for our education is to draw out our students’ individuality and potential.
Diploma Policy
The Faculty of Commerce at CGU awards bachelor degrees to students who have acquired the following attributes and earned more than 126 credits through education based on CGU's founding philosophy of “cultivating social and moral integrity.”
  1. Intercultural understanding
  2. Understanding of culture, society and nature
  3. Communication skills
  4. Numeracy skills
  5. Information literacy
  6. Logical thinking
  7. Problem-solving ability
  8. Self-control  
  9. Leadership
  10. Ethical viewpoint
  11. Social responsibility
  12. Motivation for life-long learning
  13. Ability to fulfill assignments
Curriculum Policy
The Faculty of Commerce at CGU offers the following curriculum with a view to realizing the goal of cultivating competent and creative members of society who have a broad range of knowledge and are able to solve today’s complicated social problems.
  1. 1. In order to nurture persons with rich sense of humanity and basic academic skills we offer a wide range of subjects in the humanities, natural science, foreign languages and physical education. Students in the Faculty of Commerce can also take some of the courses offered by the Faculty of Law.
  2. First-year students take a compulsory course called “Pro-Seminar” to acquire the basic knowledge needed for studying at university. After the second year they specialize and pursue a research theme which will be the topic of their graduation thesis.
  3. We have an “Active Center” (Life-Long Learning Center) where students can study for the purpose of acquiring various kinds of qualifications and skills which will be useful after graduation. In some courses, if they succeed in getting qualifications they can get special treatment regarding their lecture fees.
  4. From the second year, students systematically study various commerce subjects through the elective courses they have selected.
    (1) General Commerce Course: Well-rounded business persons who have acquired broad knowledge in commerce, economics, management and accounting.
    (2) Management Course: Specialists in business administration who have acquired skills necessary for becoming a business manager.
    (3) International Business Course: Specialists in global business who have acquired knowledge in international business information and commercial transactions.
    (4) Accounting Course: Specialists in finance who have acquired knowledge in bookkeeping and corporate tax affairs.
    (5) Economics Course: Industry-ready students who have acquired knowledge in basic economics, business administration, finance and economic policies. 
    (6) Information Course: Specialists who have acquired the knowledge and information technology capabilities required in the business world.
    (7) Sports Career Course: Persons who are expected to be active in various fields by acquiring knowledge in commerce and sports science in addition to experience and skills gained through sports.
Admission Policy
In order to achieve our educational objectives, the Faculty of Commerce seeks the following types of students.
  1. Those who understand well the founding philosophy of CGU and the educational ideals of the Faculty of Commerce.
  2. Those who have been active in acquiring qualifications and participating in volunteer work while in high school.
  3. Those who have acquired basic academic abilities in high school and are highly motivated to study commercial science.
  4. Those who aspire to contribute to society through business not only locally but also worldwide.
  5. Those who hope to acquire knowledge which can be utilized in various fields as well as specialized knowledge in commerce, and hope to become leaders in corporations or various organizations.


Seven Courses in the Faculty of Commerce

General Commerce CourseStudents study distribution and marketing, and acquire a wide range of knowledge in commerce, economics, administration and accounting.
Business Administration CourseStudents gain practical knowledge in commerce by studying society from the viewpoint of company owners and retailers.
International Business CourseStudents seek a deeper understanding of business by studying trade focusing on worldwide administration, marketing and finance.
Accounting CourseStudents get full support for acquiring bookkeeping qualifications and seeking to become accounting experts who can point out a corporation's strong and weak points.
Economic CourseAiming to be economic experts, students study mainly money circulation and commodity distribution. In this way they gain a perspective on commercial science and administration.
Information CourseStudents develop skills as information specialists and also study various risks resulting from an information-centric society.
Sports Career CourseStudents study the business side of sports, develop skills in event planning, marketing and management, and also acquire knowledge in sports promotion and training.


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