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School expense

Tuition and Scholarships

Payment of Tuition and Other Expenses

For the 2019 school year
 CGU GraduatesNon-CGU GraduatesRemarks
Enrollment Fee-300,000 yenOnly at the time of admission
Tuition Fee*500,000 yen*500,000 yenAnnual amount(2 installment payment available)
Facility Costs180,000 yen180,000 yenAnnual amount
Other FeesStudent Association Fee-500 yenAdmission fee (First year only)
3,000 yen3,000 yenAnnual amount
Supporters' Association Fee-15,000 yenAdmission fee (First year only)
15,000 yen15,000 yenAnnual amount
Alumni Association Fee-10,000 yenAnnual amount
Insurance FeesStudent Insurance1,750 yen1,750 yenFor 2 years
Liability Insurance coupled with the above680 yen680 yen
Total for the first year700,430 yen1,025,930 yen 
International students (those with "student" resident status) are eligible for a 30% tuition fee reduction by following the prescribed procedures after enrollment. The 500,000 yen annual tuition fee will be reduced to 350,000 yen.

Scholarship System

Monthly Allowance Scholarships (For international students)

This scholarship system has already been used in the past and recommended. (Monthly Allowance Scholarships)
NameAmount (Monthly)Remarks
Government Scholarships for International Students  
(Ministry of Education, Japan Student Service Organization)
144,000 yen 
Privately financed international students          
(Ministry of Education, Japan Student Service Organization)
48,000 yenAdopted in 2018
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholarship140,000 yen 
Nakajima Peace Foundation100,000 yen 
SGC Foundation (Ex. Sagawa International Students Scholarship)100,000 yen 
Hasumi Overseas Students Education Fund40,000 yen 
Japan Educational Exchange and Service, JEES Scholarship (General)30,000 yenAdopted in 2018
Onuki Fund30,000 yen 

Loan Scholarships (For Japanese students)

Type 1Monthly Loan Amount:    50,000 yen or 88,000 yen
Type 2Monthly Loan Amount:    50,000 yen, 80,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 130,000 yen, or 150,000 yen
*There are special repayment exemptions for students with excellent grades.
For students who receive a Type 1 Loan Scholarship while in graduate school and achieve excellent academic results, CGU can authorize partial or full exemption from repayment of the loan. The Japan Student Services Organization can officially approve this in accordance with recommendations from each school.
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