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Graduate School of Commerce (Master’s Course)

About the Graduate School of Commerce

The Graduate Course (Master’s Course) complements undergraduate education. The Faculty of Commerce looks at commerce as the study of a comprehensive market network and has organized its curriculum to include the management of international market development and information technology (IT). The faculty offers seven educational courses: comprehensive commerce, management, international business, accounting, economics, information science, and sports career.

Based on the education offered through the seven courses in the Faculty of Commerce, the graduate school has developed a special curriculum that aims to promote a more comprehensive ability through further specialization and a deeper academic approach. It has systematized the curriculum into two courses.


Accounting Course

This course forms a system centering on the undergraduate accounting course and includes the law portion of the comprehensive commerce course. It aims to nurture managers and accounting staff knowledgeable in accounting for accounting offices and medium-sized firms, and accounting professionals such as tax accountants.

Management Course

This course forms a system centering on the undergraduate management course and includes features of each course: international business, information science, economics, and comprehensive commerce courses. It aims to nurture entrepreneurs, managers of small and medium-sized firms, and business leaders at medium-sized firms.
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